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City on Water (Unreal Engine 4) (skip to 5s)

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City on Water [Unreal Engine 4]

This has been a long time coming! I hope you enjoy looking!

This was a final year project, and i wanted to work on every aspect of design that I had learnt over the past 4 years. I have combined many different workflows of design, from baked high to low poly and weighted normals. Textures from scans, substance designer, substance painter and B2M. 3D models through 3DS Max, Blender and Zbrush. I had a large amount of assets to make, so I had the opportunity to push my knowledge of multiple software.

These designs all lead towards an off-realism result that I am mostly happy with! there are still areas and little sections I would want to zone in on and keep working with, but I have to call it finished at some point!

Thanks again for checking out my work! more to come.