Andrew weir screenshot008

Marmoset Beauty Shot

Andrew weir screenshot011

Marmoset Beauty Shot

Andrew weir poster1

Beauty Shot + fade to Wireframe

Andrew weir poster2

Profile View, screen close up and FPS View

Andrew weir fps image

FPS view unreal/marmoset overlay

Andrew weir poster5

Weapon Breakdown

Andrew weir poster3

High poly + Low poly and Bake.

Andrew weir poster4

UV Map breakdown. (Blank space used by screen in FPS View)

Andrew weir poster7

Re-Designed from old design

Andrew weir poster6

Concepts and Development

Andrew weir poster9

Breakdown for design.

Overview of Sci-Fi Weapon Design

'Pincer' Futuristic Multi Functionality Rifle.

Hello all! As part of a university module I got to try out weapon design from concept to final model.

I prefer to see myself as a 3D artist, so designing a weapon and sticking to the 2D design was quite a challenge. I eventually re-designed this asset towards of the module, with much more preferable results. Overall, my the 2D work lead towards the result you see here. The overall design was heavily impacted by the limitations of the 2D work, but displays the baking workflow to its full potential.

The final presentation is still something I am proud to show off here, but hopefully I can advance on my weapon design in the future! room for development.